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The V For Vendetta Fan Fiction Community

Words Will Always Retain Their Power

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All Members , Moderated
Vendetta_Fic is a livejournal community for fans of the graphic novel/movie "V For Vendetta." All types of fic are welcomed, from gen to het to slash.

If you search the great LJ world, you can find lots of other V!communities, so try and keep non-fic posts there and off-topic, general fandom stuff at v_fandom. Fan art is welcome, but please post it behind an LJ-cut.

This community has one mission statement, and it's simply to deliver fresh, hot fanfic and fic related discussion to people's friendslists without any spammy filling. Trolls and the like will be persecuted with extreme prejudice. For any and all issues/questions, seek out your brand spanking new mod, villainousvex, who doles out steamy justice and eggs in a basket.

There will be new thing rising up in the coming months, so be aware!

*Backround image courtesy of Kristen at CreateBlog.com*