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07 March 2011 @ 01:24 am
Hope this is okay Mods?  
Hi there everyone, I'm returning to this fandom after a long time away and (in that time, having moved from ff.net to lj) I was hoping that someone could point me in the direction of the 'must read' selection of fics here? And also icons / screen caps??

Hope this is okay, and thanks for the help!!
Gategurl: Don't Stop Loving.gategurl on March 6th, 2011 07:14 pm (UTC)
Hm, interesting question. Do you have a particular pairing in mind? Depending on that I could probably rec a few fics.
daisychains123daisychains123 on March 6th, 2011 10:42 pm (UTC)
V / Evey mostly. I remember reading a fic that I absolutely loved- I remember two parts from it very clearly.

1) Evey or V cuts themselves whilst in the kitchen, and V is terrified that he has accidentally given Evey the disease from his blood.

2) V is in the kitchen one night and, thinking Evey asleep, has taken off his mask. Evey comes out and talks to him, all the while he has his back to her and his mask is sitting on the table, which makes him very uncomfortable to say the least. Evey doesn't see his face though.

Any ideas where that fic is? if it's still around? I have the feeling I read it on ff.net, but maybe it's around over here too??

Thanks for the help!!
megan: lost → the dockmeggannn on May 12th, 2011 01:29 am (UTC)
Ooooh I JUST read that one! haha luckily I remember where it is:


The part where V takes off his mask in the kitchen is in chapter 8, and V gets scared for Evey because his blood gets on her hands happens in chapter 12. :)

Sorry if this comment is a little late to reach you.

Gategurl: Daryl - Colorgategurl on March 6th, 2011 10:49 pm (UTC)
No problem, it is always good to see someone interested in the fandom. It has been remarkably quiet as of late. *sad face*

Those particular stories I have never read, though they certainly sound interesting! I read V/Evey only sparingly, I am quite picky with that pairing as it is not my main one for the fandom, thus I fear I am not going to be much help to you. I am more of a Finch/Dominic shipper myself.

However, I can recommend you visit "Vigilante" if you haven't already. Just goggle Vigilante: a V For Vendetta fanfiction archive. I know that had a vast selection of E/V fics. (As does ff.net as you mentioned).

Other then that you could check out FinchFic on LJ. It is a obviously a Finch-centeric community, but you might find something you like there also.

I hope that was at least marginally helpful! :D
daisychains123daisychains123 on March 6th, 2011 11:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I'll go check those out.

Hmm, Finch/Dominic? I might have to check that out too. Oops, my slasher is showing. >_<

sorry, one other thing: screencaps / icons. Any ideas?
Gategurl: McShep Whales made us do itgategurl on March 6th, 2011 11:28 pm (UTC)
*bounces up and down!* Oh please do show your slashy side. We have the good cookies over here!

Icons... I just did a quick search: [info]vfv_icons looks promising.
No idea about the screen caps though.
daisychains123daisychains123 on March 7th, 2011 02:52 am (UTC)
;D will do!! I've only recently become a slasher, but I have to say - there's some epicly epic fics out there. (currently amusing myself with Merlin/Arthur and Kurt/Blaine).

Thanks once again!! :)
Gategurl: pic#108872931gategurl on March 7th, 2011 03:56 am (UTC)
Ohh, then I suggest you check out the Finch/Dominic fic on the Finchfic community, there are some good one there. See if you like it. Heee!

(PS: I adore Merlin/Arthur. Such a cute, adorable ship)
daisychains123daisychains123 on March 7th, 2011 06:59 am (UTC)
I'll have to do that. AND GUESS WHAT?! I found that fic I mentioned earlier. If you haven't read 'Of the Deepest Blue' then I would HIGHLY recommend it! Here's the link: http://www.piratestripes.net/vendetta/v/viewstory.php?sid=197

(and i know right? they're just adorable :)
Gategurl: Finch - Churngategurl on March 12th, 2011 03:54 pm (UTC)
I found you screen caps! I stumbled on this resource the other day and immediately remembered your request.

It is a gallery publically provided by GabeE.

daisychains123daisychains123 on March 13th, 2011 01:33 am (UTC)
you are brilliant! :D

are we allowed to post icons here, or is it just for fics?
Gategurl: Finch/Dominic - dead endsgategurl on March 13th, 2011 01:37 am (UTC)
I scrolled through and it looks like that is totally fine. You can also submit them to Finchfiction (if they are related to Finc) or F for Fiction. Another V for Vendetta LJ com.

I am looking forward to seeing what you have!
daisychains123: daisiesdaisychains123 on March 13th, 2011 04:19 am (UTC)
and also, I found another screen caps site (http://www.fanpop.com/spots/v-for-vendetta/screencaps) that's more general, so yay! lots of icons coming soon!! :D
Gategurlgategurl on March 13th, 2011 04:20 am (UTC)
I look forward too it! It is time to revive this fandom! :D